Pilanesberg National Park

The 500 km² national park, proclaimed in 1979 and situated in the collapsed caldera of an ancient volcano, was the second of the North West parks to reintroduce wild dogs. In 1999, following the relative success of the reintroduction of wild dogs into Madikwe Game Reserve it was once again decided to use an artificially bonded combination of wild-caught and captive-reared wild dogs. Two adult females and five pups were captured from a farm in the Northern province and bonded to three captive-reared males from the Cango Wildlife Ranch Captive Breeding Centre.
Although a series of management interventions have been carried out in the past decade with the intention of restoring an ecological balance between the suit of predators within the park, and the available prey wild dogs have persisted at Pilanesberg National Park.  The park’s population is currently a pack of 7 adults.