Regulations and permits

Although not listed on CITES the wild dog is listed in the Threatened or Protected Species Regulations, 2007 (National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, 2004 (Act 10 of 2004). Any movement of wild dogs, whether within South Africa or across international borders, requires a provincially issued permit. Each of South Africa’s nine provinces must abide by its own Ordinance and the specific requirements of a permit will determine the specific permits to be issued. In some cases this may include breeding agreements and State Veterinary Permits. The biodiversity management plan is specifically required to record and manage wild and captive populations of endangered species.

Contact details of relevant provincial department

King Williams Town Eastern Cape DEAET 0436057012
Bloemfontein Free State DETEA 0514009527
Johannesburg Gauteng GDARD 0113551100
Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu-Natal EKZNW 0338451968
Polokwane Limpopo LEDET       0152954845
Nelspruit Mpumalanga MTPA 0137595329
Kimberley Northern Cape DTEC  0538077430
Mmabatho North West  DACERD 0183895331
Athlone Western Cape CAPENATURE 0214830191