Free data analysis software

Antelope performs spatial statistics on data generated by mapping individuals in a population or from following a radio-tracked individual over time.

Capture computes estimates of abundance for closed population capture-recapture data.

Distance sampling
Distance sampling employs widely-used, closely related methods for estimating the density and/or abundance of populations. The main methods are line transects and point transects. The program is a Windows based package that allows you to design and analyse distance sampling surveys of wildlife populations.

Trackmaker is a communication program that allows the user to connect a GPS to a personal computer and download information such as waypoints, points of interest and tracks.

Mark provides parameter estimates from marked animals when they are reencountered at a later time. Mark can also provide estimates of population size for closed populations.

TRIANG uses estimators to estimate an animal’s location from bearings. The program will produce plots of the bearings on the computer screen.

VOTEX is Population Viability Analysis software for use in management, research and conservation planning. It is an individual-based simulation program for use in Population Viability Analysis. VORTEX is used to assess conservation status (degree of threat) for populations of wildlife, planning conservation actions, studying determinants of population dynamics and teaching bout population biology.